About Egg


Thanks for looking at this goofy blog.  It has some meaning beyond the smile I hope it brings to your face.  My step-Dad was a terrific artist, self taught, and when he passed away in 2009, Mom moved in with me.  A while back she visited a family friend who put a face on her boiled eggs, instead of the “X” we have used my entire life, and FaceOnMyEgg was born.  After a few weeks, we were laughing so hard I decided to experiment with WordPress and post our daily egg for others to enjoy.  My primary goal (for most of my life) is to make Mom laugh, and so here we are, laughing at eggs, life, and ourselves.  My grand-dad always said “never lose your sense of humor” and so in that vein, we offer FaceOnMyEgg.

You may have a few questions.  Yes, I eat an egg or two everyday.  Yes, I used to have high cholesterol and take medication for it.  Now I don’t take medication and my cholesterol is lower – go figure.  Maybe its because Mom makes the eggs.  It takes less than five minutes for me to draw an egg and I never know what its going to look like until its finished.  Another go figure.  For my day job, I try and figure out how to build awareness for social issues. You’re right, it doesn’t pay, but its necessary work.  Is it any wonder I draw on eggs every morning?

I hope you never lose your sense of humor, and that egg faces bring a smile to yours.




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